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Why Buying from Private Sellers is a Smart Strategy [VIDEO]

There are nearly 40 million used vehicles sold each year in the USA. Of this, approximately 11 million are transacted between private sellers. This means that about one quarter of all used vehicles sold each year, are done so between private parties. Why then, do less than 10% of dealers have a proactive strategy to acquire used vehicles from private sellers?

Acquire Used Vehicles from Private Sellers - A Smart Strategy

In this month’s best practices and training webinar, we discuss this market potential, and what dealers can do about it. VAN Founder Tom Gregg sheds light on the what this market potential means for dealers. Learning and Development Director Mark Curcio helps us understand how dealers can gain a competitive advantage by doing so.

In the video we discuss...

  1. Understanding the Private Seller Marketplace
  2. Awareness vs. Action
  3. Changes in how to measure profitability

Video Preview

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