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Chip Shortage, Supply Chain, and the ‘Curious Wrinkle’ Between Wholesale and Retail Prices

LC Hammer
Posted by LC Hammer on Oct 13, 2021 3:32:01 PM

Used car prices continue to rise at record levels. The latest spike pushed used-car prices to 24.9% above September 2020 and a whopping 41.9% above March 2020 levels, according to Manheim's Used Vehicle Index. However, over the last few weeks, something peculiar has been detected. 

According to Manheim's index, wholesale prices rose 3.6% in the first 15 days of September over August prices. And coming into October, wholesale values increased 1.5% over the last few weeks on a week-over-week basis,

Retail prices, however, have increased only two-tenths to three-tenths of 1 percent on a week over week basis. And in the final week of September, retail prices barely moved at all, increasing a meager one-tenth of 1 percent. 

As observed by Dale Pollak from vAuto, this presents a “curious moment” in the used vehicle market. When wholesale and retail prices move in the same direction, the rate of increase or decrease tends to be similar. But today, wholesale values are rising at a significantly faster rate than retail prices, even when you account for differences in specific vehicle segments, which raises two critical questions: 

What’s causing the disparity in appreciation rates? And, what does it mean for dealers?

This is where we pick up in this month’s episode of the Acquisition Council, our live monthly webcast focused on the used car market and consumer vehicle acquisition

The Acquisition Council

Airs Live on Tuesday October 19th at 11:00 AM Central Time (US & Canada)

Set Reminder on YouTube

11:05. Featured Guest Interview
11:15. Interview w/ VAN Performance Manager
11:25. Panel Discussion
11:45. Wrap Up

Guests & Panelists

  • Featured Guest Interview: Ryan Easter, General Manager from Bob Jass Chevrolet in Geneva, Illinois. 
  • VAN Performance Manager Ryan Quick
  • Panel Discussion w/ Joe Webb from DealerKnows, Nancy Scoggins from Murdock Chevrolet, and VAN Co-Founder Bill Anderson.

Joe Webb also is the comedy film producer who wrote and directed our humorous webisode series - The Auction


The Acquisition Council - Live Stream for Used Car Managers and Buyers

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For more information about the show, see, Introducing the Acquisition Council by VAN and


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