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Fooling the ‘fools’ at the auction

Posted by Tom Gregg on Apr 5, 2021 8:08:00 AM

“When you come across an overbidder (at the auction) you switch lanes,” explains ‘Frank’ to his protege ‘Katie,’ aka ‘the Kid,’ in this fourth of a series of 12 humor videos about the dealer auction.

“Switch lanes,” his group mimics, one at a time. Frank and the Kid are played respectively by VAN co-founder Bill Anderson and VAN’s Emily Gehrke.

You must “keep your eye on what you’re bidding on,” Frank advises the Kid. “Have you ever considered a different way to find vehicles?” the Kid asked. ‘Hank,’ another attendee played by VAN’s Mark Curcio, scoffed, “You mean the internet? The “ruination of our industry!” Frank agreed, “There’s nothing like bidding on a car and bidding on it right.”

The Auction, Episode 4 - The Overbidder

Synopsis: Frank and his group mock and reject an “overbidder” ‘Dick’ for being a gluttonous attendee who is obsessed with the food. Frank says, when you “come across an overbidder, you switch lanes.” Hank demeaningly compares Dick to “those idiots online.” 

The Auction Episode 4

Dick attends the auction, “to buy cars over book and eat food," Hank proclaims. But Dick has lulled Frank’s entire group into believing he is distracted when, in fact, Dick’s plan all along is to conveniently distract the group of bidding ‘dinosaurs’ and save much more...when Dick reveals to the audience his open VAN app on his phone.

About 'The Auction'

The Auction is a 12-part series of videos casting a humorous light on dealer auctions and the practice of sourcing used vehicles from private party sellers. We will be featuring a new episode each week over the next 6 months.

Each video depicts a different scenario many of us have experienced at dealer auctions, and weaves in the idea of buying from individuals profitably and efficiently. 

The series was written produced by Joe Webb. See full credits in the videos.


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