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Introducing the Acquisition Council by VAN and

Posted by Tom Gregg on Aug 2, 2021 5:22:00 PM

Over the last few years, VAN’s commitment to provide the “best communication tools and methods available to assist our Dealer Partners in acquiring pre-owned inventory direct from private sellers” was fulfilled in part with a monthly webinar that served multiple purposes. 

For starters, the webinar was a venue for inviting innovative thinkers to share their insights and experiences with folks in the business committed to innovating their own used car business. Like most conventional webinars, you could sign up to attend them live or view the recordings, which we have made available on our YouTube channel for later viewing.

Another great benefit of the webinars is that we use them to make all the great blog and video tips and best practices that you have become so accustomed to. But like most ideas and initiatives, they need to grow and evolve, as well.

Now as we head into the second half of 2021, the time has come to take our webinar exploits to the next level with the introduction of our all-new live show called - The Acquisition Council

The Acquisition Council - Live Streaming Show for Used Car Managers and Buyers

The idea behind the new show is to continue bringing you innovative thinkers to share their insights, tips, and best practices but with more flare and live appeal than your typical webinar. The 60-minute live production, which is being co-hosted by two of our own - Benjamin Dykstra from and Ryan Gerardi from AutoConversion, is structured as informative conversational entertainment that educates, enlightens, and entertains.

Consisting of multiple segments to keep the audience engaged during each live event, from which we will continue post-producing into micro content for the blog and social media, the show will feature various different segments such as...

  • Interviews
  • Panel Discussions
  • Technology Briefings
  • Industry News 
  • Best Practice

Not that all of these segments will be featured on every live show, but the show as a whole will cover these areas, including a segment for VAN’s Performance Managers who will now be a regular part of the program.

The live show will be open each month to the public on YouTube [subscribe here]. It will be recorded and then featured on our blog in short form like we have done traditionally with our webinars.


The Hosts


Benjamin Dykstra - Co-Host

With the recent launch of - our new consumer-facing website that serves as the front end of our full-service program for dealers, Benjamin Dykstra joined the team to lead this new division of our business. And in addition to Ben’s experience in the used car business, Dykstra also has experience with the microphone “on the air.” And since part of the purpose of the show is to drive demand for this aspect of the business, as well, it only seems right that Ben serves as a co-host of the program.  


Ryan Gerardi - Producer and Host

Live shows are fun and all, but there is more to a live event than the show itself, and any good media initiative is going to need a producer who is responsible for bringing it all together, and in our case post-producing the show for our blog and social media. This is where Ryan Gerardi comes into play.

Gerardi has been producing and hosting our monthly webinars since 2017. He also oversees the post-production process of those webinars for the VAN blog and social media. So naturally, Mr. Gerardi will be propping us up through this new venture.


The Council

One of our goals with the new program is for it to be a reliable resource for those in the used car business. By “reliable” we don’t just mean having a show, but bringing forth people and information that can motivate, inspire, and dare we say help to transform the used car business.

At VAN, we believe that car dealers lie in the heart of their communities, doing good business and supporting local programs. It’s more than just moving metal for profit. It’s about being part of something special, if not meaningful.

As the Acquisition Council develops, it is our hope that the program serves as a resource with reliable people, alas “the Council,” who share and embrace our philosophy of what a good dealership business represents, particularly through its used car business. 


Sign Up in the Learning Center

For those of you reading this who wish to be involved with the program, head over to the Learning Center and sign up. Whether you just want to tune in once in a while and watch, or come onto the virtual stage and be part of the live event, get yourself signed up in the Learning Center to get started. 

By signing up free in the Learning Center you will…

  • Receive inside information about the live show
  • Receive free access to our growing library of video tips, strategies, and best practices

Alternatively you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here and be notified of when we schedule new live events, and upload new videos, too, of course. 

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