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Keeping the Fire Alive!

LC Hammer
Posted by LC Hammer on Mar 8, 2021 7:07:00 AM

Selling is hard, and selling cars is even harder. Take it from Benjamin Dykstra, former car sales professional now entrepreneur and President of, a dealership resource which exists to elevate the performance and the public perception of automotive retailers through sales eduction and skills training.

"It's hard to keep that fire alive," says Dykstra in a recent VAN University webinar.

How does Benjamin encourage dealers to improve sales?

“We, as human beings are very fickle,” Dykstra said. As salespeople, “we struggle with that...How to capture that ‘high”” from making that last goal, selling that last car. How does a dealer instill that motivation in his/her sales staff? 


Dykstra claims you have to understand that everyone “has that weakness.” and the most important step is to own the fact that, as humans we are fallible, and eventually the luster loses its shine.

“I have to hold myself accountable,”  he says. 


Key to Success

The key to your success as a dealer is to “keep our eyes on that end goal. We have to sell ourselves on this,” Dykstra says. 

The questions you need to ask are:

  1. 1) Can your dealership do it? Can it be successful at what you are hoping to accomplish?
  2. 2) Do you have the “people, processes, infrastructure and money in place” to make it work?
  3. 3) Is it all worth the effort expended?

The answer is within the three questions, Dykstra said.

"Many salespeople aren’t comfortable using the internet to sell cars and will admit it, when confronted one-to-one," explained Benjamin. Often these people are embarrassed that they should have understood the process.

“It’s on us to make our people believe,” Dykstra says. People, time, and assets together make the process worth it.


VAN Co-Founder Tom Gregg noted in the webinar that VAN is part of a program called Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) that allows the company to closely align its goals with dealership compatibility.

Integral parts follow: ‘Get it, Want it, and have the Capacity to do it’ - GWC. This is why VAN seeks dealers with the mindset: “good people and GREAT processes.”

VAN Learning Center

The ideas and talking points presented in this article come from this VAN University Best Practices webinar held in December 2020.

For access to more great information like this on our blog follow this link to VAN University Videos.

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