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Record Profits, Boosting Market Share, and Sourcing Second Hand Vehicles from the Public

Ryan G
Posted by Ryan G on Sep 15, 2021 2:46:31 PM

There is no mystery behind the limited vehicle supply we are experiencing right now in the auto industry. And with record low borrowing costs driving down car payments, consumers are less sensitive to today’s soaring vehicle prices, particularly as vehicle scarcity instigates a buying frenzy, especially for high demand models.

As a result, dealers have been experiencing generally unprecedented profits. In the first half of 2021, the average dealership earned a jaw-dropping $1.96 million, 164% more than the industry’s average between 2015 and 2019 according to reports. Even with the removal of PPP funds received in 2021, most dealerships are achieving profitability levels several times higher than historical averages.

Everyone is hungry for more of these profitable deals, and the need for vehicle acquisition software is at an all-time high. However the expanded gap between wholesale and retail means there's more incentive than ever for consumers to try out their sales skills on the FSBO marketplace, which makes acquiring FSBO a challenge. 

That said, however, this "new normal" of high margins won't last forever. Everybody knows this, which is why there is a huge opportunity for retailers that are willing to be aggressive to gain market share during this time. 

While some sit back, waiting for the high gross front end acquisitions, others will be scooping up inventory left and right, and more importantly, gaining customers. When the market and profitability begins to contract, these progressive retailers will thrive as others struggle. When times get tough, customers you have a relationship with are the ones who carry you through. 

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To help put all this into perspective, we welcome industry veteran Christy Roman from Now Digital to join us on the stage of this month’s show for our discussion of the opportunities at hand for dealers, and potential consequences. 

Prior to the discussion we have Acquisition Specialist Tara Lloyd from Fields Auto slated to join us for a brief interview about her role at the retail level in sourcing second hand vehicles from the public

Following the interview we have VAN Performance Manager Push Singh slated for a conversation on vehicle acquisition best practices with co-host Ben. 


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