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The Importance Consistent Messaging in Your Buy Center [VIDEO]

Your Buy Center or Vehicle Acquisition Department truly is a stand-alone department much like your Service Center and Parts Departments are. So when interfacing with private sellers to potentially purchase their vehicles, everything about the dealership, physically and virtually, must reflect this both in appearance and in its messaging.

Thus is the subject for this month’s VAN University webinar.

Transparency with Sellers

When a private seller receives a text message from you by way of the phone number assigned you in your VAN account, there are several different responses that could potentially occur. The seller might respond with a phone call or a text, but they might also want to visit your website, or maybe even search the phone number on the web.

If the seller does not see that number reflected online or on your website, they can become suspicious, so one of the most important things is to make sure that the phone number they receive the text from does indeed exist on the site and ideally is associated with your Buy Center.

Tell the Story and Create Assurance

Another useful tool would be to make a simple video that explains why you're interested in buying their vehicle, and maybe even presenting a value proposition that is attached to an FAQ page. This way, if the seller is on your website and they have any questions about your actual intent that you are truly interested in buying a vehicle from them without them buying one from you, your messaging can offer the assurance they need, making them more likely to engage with you.

Your Acquisition Center or Buy Department should always consider the touch points that private sellers are facing to provide a safe and easy alternative for selling their vehicle. Your marketing assets should tell a story that creates comfort and offers assurance that your goal is not to sell them a new vehicle, but rather buy the one they want to sell, at a fair price and with no strings attached.

The consumer doesn’t know what you know, and your messaging is the first opportunity you have to establish trust.

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