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Today's Seller is Tomorrow's Buyer

When a person is trying to sell his or her car on the private market, talking to a dealer is not at the top of their list. This is why so few dealers have a process in place to acquire used vehicles from private sellers. So when you are engaged with a private seller about buying their car, it’s imperative to be the seller’s advocate and take a consultative approach.

In this video, which features VAN Learning and Development Leader Mark Curcio, we discuss why every occurrence and interaction you have with a private seller about buying their vehicle should be about delighting that customer, and what measures you can take to ensure that you do.

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Providing honest and candid feedback about their vehicle and their listing is an essential part of the process. One important step is to include the seller in the inspection process, something we talked about in a previous VAN University Webinar with Mike Anderson. Providing a free Carfax report is also a nice gesture.

All these things add up during the consultation which can lead to a great experience, whether you are buying the car at that moment or not. The majority of private sellers are not looking to buy a vehicle at that time, but the likeliness that they will buy a vehicle in the future is more than 99%. A positive experience will make it more likely that they will come back for future purchases, and also more likely that they will refer someone else to you that is interested in buying a car.

In short, the long-term branding value you build by providing a consultative approach is substantial.

Today’s seller is tomorrow's buyer. By being an advocate for the seller, providing the best suggestions and guidance for them to sell their car, be it with you or elsewhere, you are earning their trust which will not only help lead to an acquisition, but future business as well.

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