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What Weather System is Blowing into the Auction Today?

Posted by Tom Gregg on May 31, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Everyone has a system for buying at the auction, at least according to Frank in episode 8 of The Auction, a 12-part video series we have been releasing here on the VAN blog since February. The actor playing Frank is VAN Co-Founder Bill Anderson, who's own father, Bill Anderson Sr., also has a role in the series.

Bill, the character played by Anderson, Sr., tells Katie ‘The Kid,’ played by VAN Performance Manager Emily Gehrke, that he buys cars at the auction based on the weather. That's

“When it’s fall, you buy pickup trucks or back-to-school cars,” maintains Bill. ”When it’s closer to winter, you want to buy 4-wheel-drive SUVs and Subarus. When it’s summer, you buy convertibles and Wranglers. When it’s springtime, buy whatever; it doesn’t really matter.”

Katie is shocked. When she suggests that reps just buy what their customers want, Frank explains that he doesn’t care what customers want, defending his last purchase of 10 eerily similar silver Toyota Camrys.

Cold weather ushers in hibernation

Bill says when it’s cold he buys 30 cars and he doesn’t return for a month. “Last thing you want to do is go to an auction before a storm. You get snowed in for a week!” 

Katie suggests he just take advantage of the online auction or use the VAN platform. Hank, played by VAN Senior Performance Manager Mark Curcio, scoffs at the idea: “Online auction? I’d rather buy cars in a Nor’Easter!”

Bill reminds the group of the seriousness of a Nor’Easter--” it can be deadly, he says.”

Frank tries to find the words to describe the unique feeling of attending an auction. “Kid, there’s nothing like coming to an auction,” Frank hesitantly explains. “Well, there’s the...uh.” 

Bill then systematically lists the various ailments that follow him to the auction, not including pain from the flaring up of his sciatic nerve, headaches, and bladder issues. 

The Auction, Episode 8. What's the Weather?

Synopsis: Bill is getting up in age and admits that navigating the auction is not as easy as it used to be. Frank relishes the fact that Bill is thinking of taking a break from coming to the auction, much to the Kid’s dismay. But Bill understands the value of online bidding at his computer, admitting, with VAN, “it’s clear skies and smooth sailing from here on out.”

The Auction Episode 8

Time to leave the Auction floor

With all the bumps and bruises he’s suffered at the hands of traversing the auction rows, Frank laments, “It’s like (playing) pinball in here!” The only thing rougher than being old, he says, is “being old at the auction.”

“Maybe this isn’t the best place for me anymore,” he says. “Maybe it’s time I take a break, find a safer way.”

Leaving the auction for the last time isn’t so bad, claims Frank. And despite the fact that Bill is his "godfather," Franks says to the group on Bill's way out, “The way I look at it, it’s just one less person to bid against.” 

But it's Bill who gets the last laugh. “Looks like clear skies and smooth sailing from here on out,” he says, relieved, as the camera cuts to Bill at his computer viewing vehicles on the VAN platform.

About The Auction

The Auction is a 12-part series of videos casting a humorous light on dealer auctions and the practice of sourcing vehicles from private party sellers. We are featuring a new episode every other week over the next 6 months.

Each video depicts a different scenario many of us have experienced at dealer auctions, and weaves in the idea of buying from individuals profitably and efficiently. 

The series was written produced by Joe Webb. See full credits in the videos.

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