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VAN and vAuto ProfitTime GPS Partnership Announced

At Vehicle Acquisition Network (VAN), we understand that acquiring private-party vehicles can be challenging for dealerships. We're thrilled to partner with vAuto ProfitTime GPS to bring dealerships the best in private-party acquisition data and software. This powerful partnership provides dealerships with the tools to make smarter, more informed buying decisions and stay ahead of the competition.
One of the key benefits of the VAN and vAuto ProfitTime GPS partnership is the ability to access critical private-party vehicle metrics. Here are the three key metrics the partnership between vAuto and VAN brings into play.  
1.   Market Days Supply: This metric shows how long a particular used vehicle, on average, is in inventory before the sale. By analyzing like mine market days supply, dealerships can quickly identify the fastest turning vehicles in their market. This enables dealerships to focus on the most profitable listings and make better buying decisions.  
2.   Stocking Grade: The stocking grade is an assessment of the market conditions and opportunities based on seven attributes to identify the best fit. By providing dealerships with a clear understanding of the grade of a vehicle, dealerships can make informed buying decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

3.   Strategy Action: This metric shows dealerships the ideal number of vehicles by segment and price bucket. By following this strategy, dealerships can avoid stocking too many vehicles, which may lead to age issues and lower profit potential, or too few vehicles missing opportunities for customers within their market.  
By leveraging these three metrics, VAN and vAuto ProfitTime GPS provide dealerships with a comprehensive set of tools to make smarter private-party vehicle buying decisions. With access to VAN private party listings under the Street Purchase channel dashboard via the "VAN Listings" link, dealerships can quickly identify their market's most profitable and fastest-turning private party vehicles.
The ability to link directly from ProfitTime GPS to VAN to make contact, add notes, set tasks for follow-up, and even schedule appointments further streamline the acquisition process.
In conclusion, the VAN and vAuto ProfitTime GPS partnership provides dealerships with the best private-party acquisition data and software. By leveraging critical metrics like market days' supply, report grade, and strategy action, dealerships can make more informed buying decisions, maximize profitability, and stay ahead of the competition.  
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