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Connecting Dealers with Private Party Sellers

Growing Your Market Share with Cars Off the Street - A Case Study

Fallout from the lockdowns of 2020 continue to be felt in the form of chip shortages and supply chain issues.  New...

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How to Support Your Dealership Staff

The best automotive strategies and tools don’t mean much if you don’t have a solid staff behind them. Supporting...

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What are the Best Strategies for Acquiring Vehicles?

Buying private party vehicles has become a pivotal part of boosting used-car profits for many dealerships, though...

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Auction vs. Street Vehicles: Why Not Both?


You could say retail prices are on the rise, but only at a snail’s pace. Which is to be expected considering that...

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Should You Be Aggressive in Vehicle Acquisition?

In a word, yes! Dealerships need to be aggressive in private-party vehicle acquisition to stay competitive in...

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Chip Shortage, Supply Chain, and the ‘Curious Wrinkle’ Between Wholesale and Retail Prices

Used car prices continue to rise at record levels. The latest spike pushed used-car prices to 24.9% above September...

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Developing a Private Vehicle Buy Strategy

The pandemic forced many dealers to reconsider the way they buy used vehicles. With auctions out of commission,...

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Record Profits, Boosting Market Share, and Sourcing Second Hand Vehicles from the Public

There is no mystery behind the limited vehicle supply we are experiencing right now in the auto industry. And with...

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How to Approach Private Vehicle Sellers

The art of the sale doesn’t stop just because you’re using technology. Knowing how to approach private vehicle...

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