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The Art of Follow-ups: Be There When the Time is Right

David Long, an expert in helping dealers acquire vehicles from private sellers, shared his insights during his Digital Dealer session with Tom Gregg. He emphasized the importance of using a structured communication approach to engage sellers effectively. Long's method involves a precise follow-up schedule from the same day to up to 14 days post-initial contact. This strategy is supported by various tools designed to maintain a steady and meaningful dialogue with sellers.
In explaining his approach, Long described how initiating a conversation with a personal question, such as inquiring about recent events, can seamlessly lead to discussing the car sale. This tactic helps uncover why a vehicle has yet to sell in a market where sales typically happen within 10 to 14 days. Through such conversations, potential issues with the vehicle, which might not be apparent in photographs or could relate to an unrealistic asking price, are brought to light.

Long's approach is to identify and tackle barriers that hinder the sale. By proposing solutions, such as providing a secure transaction environment or helping with transportation post-sale, he adds value to the interaction. This technique builds trust and positions the dealer as a reliable partner in the vehicle acquisition, enhancing the chances of successful acquisitions from private sellers.