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Employee Spotlight - Rafael. O

This October, let’s take a moment to celebrate and get to know the marvelous Rafael Ortuno, our esteemed Senior Developer. Rafael is the brain and the heart behind the many innovative solutions of our operations here at Vehicle Acquisition Network.
VAN-EmployeeRec- Rafael LinkedIn
Rafael navigates the complex waters of technology, transforming our ambitious ideas into sophisticated technical solutions. His meticulous attention to detail and collaborative spirit are steering VAN towards uncharted territories in the vehicle acquisition industry.
Beyond the code lines and algorithms, Rafael is our in-house chef, exploring the world of homemade culinary delights. “I’m still picking up a lot of cooking tricks, but I love the whole process—from preparing dishes to grabbing all the unique ingredients,” he shares. Every dish is a journey enriched by the laughter and bonds formed around the dinner table, and perhaps, enjoyed with a can of his favorite Dr. Pepper!

And when the kitchen quiets down, you might catch Rafael humming to the tunes of Smash Mouth, his musical preference adding another layer to his multifaceted personality.
Rafael’s year has been a carousel of emotions and unforgettable moments. His journey to the United States for the NADA show was a concoction of excitement, learning, and newfound friendships. “It was such a motivating experience to meet the entire US team! It felt like being part of something really impactful,” he expressed.

His rendezvous with the Lima team in Bolivia was more than a casual meet-up. It was an enriching expedition of friendship and shared experiences. “Creating bonds, as friends, as humans—it’s just so important,” he reflects warmly.
Rafael’s journey at Vehicle Acquisition Network is a harmonious symphony of professional commitment, culinary passion, enriching relationships, and musical vibes. His presence is a melody in our VAN family, resonating with dedication, warmth, and genuine camaraderie.

We are incredibly lucky to have Rafael, a beacon of positivity and innovation, on our team. His journey is a great mixture of professional brilliance and personal joys. So, here’s to Rafael—a cherished member of our VAN family whose vibrant spirit and invaluable contributions continue to inspire and elevate our collective journey every day!