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Driving Dealership Growth with Effective Vehicle Acquisition

Driving Dealership Growth with Effective Vehicle Acquisition
Steve Porter's experience with the Vehicle Acquisition Network (VAN) provides compelling evidence of how modern technology can streamline and enhance dealership operations. VAN's user-friendly interface has changed how Steve's team communicates with potential vehicle sellers.
Under the expert guidance of Emily, VAN's Training & Development Manager, Steve and his team adopted a structured communication strategy. This approach involves a tiered outreach system: initiating contact four times in the first week to establish a strong initial connection, followed by three touches in the second week to maintain engagement, and concluding with two follow-up communications in the third week to finalize potential deals. This systematic approach has significantly increased their efficiency and success rates.

The results continue to speak for themselves. By implementing VAN's tools and strategies, Steve's dealership has seen a remarkable increase in vehicle acquisition numbers, securing between 10 to 20 vehicles from private sellers each month. This success is a testament to the platform's capabilities and the importance of adopting a consistent and persistent communication strategy.

Steve's story is a powerful example of how leveraging the right tools and techniques can lead to significant improvements for dealerships looking to navigate the challenges of modern vehicle acquisition. Embracing VAN's innovative platform could be the key to transforming your acquisition process, leading to better results and a more efficient operation.

We invite dealership owners and operators to consider the potential impacts of incorporating VAN into their business models. Dealerships can enhance their acquisition rates and overall business success by streamlining communication and adopting strategic outreach practices.
For further details on how VAN can assist in transforming your vehicle acquisition approach and to read more about success stories like Steve's, read more on our blog