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Dealer Testimonial - Carl Bauer - Martin Nissan

Dealer Testimonial - Carl Bauer - Martin Nissan

We all know it's a struggle to go to the auction and raise your hand with everybody else fighting for the same inventory. Meanwhile, consumers in your backyard are always trying to sell cars themselves. At least according to Martin Nissan General Manager Carl Bauer.

Typically, consumers either price their vehicles way too high, and sometimes what they are asking for is too low. “We just want to help them out,” says Bauer.

Vehicle Acquisition Network provides a service that looks on the major portals and finds people selling their cars. “The tool,” Bauer explains, “pushes them to our CRM, allowing my team to go through those cars one by one and acquire inventory that we need.”

People come in and we are transparent that this is a wholesale offer. Consumers have a great experience because they get a check in their hand, and a lot of the time these exchanges turn into sales because when they sell their car typically they need another car.

“A lot of times these sellers also need to buy another car. So that’s another great benefit from using the VAN platform,” says Bauer.

Carl and his team at Martin Nissan began using the V.A.N platform in the early part of 2018. Through VAN’s partnership, the dealership has been producing 50-100 new opportunities each month from consumers listing their vehicles online for sale.

“If you don't know about Vehicle Acquisition Network,” says Bauer, “I definitely recommend reaching out to them. There's limited space available in each market, but your market might be open so I would give them a call.