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Connecting Dealers with Private Party Sellers

Dealer Success - Bo Beuckman Ford - St. Louis, Missouri [VIDEO]

Joe Beuckman was raised in the car business. He has a passion for every part of the car buying business. Joe's...

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Dealer Success - Josh Winders, Inventory Director, Nelson Auto Group

For over 50 years the Nelson family has been a part of automotive retail. Nelson Auto Group in Oklahoma is the...

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Dealer Testimonial - Carl Bauer, General Manager, Martin Nissan [VIDEO]

We all know it's a struggle to go to the auction and raise your hand with everybody else fighting for the same...

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3 Keys to Appointment Success with Private Party Sellers [VIDEO]

Buying cars from private party sellers isn't easy. If it were, more dealers would do it. Finding the vehicles you...

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3 New Tips for Handling Price Objections with Private Sellers [VIDEO]

When a consumer puts their car up for sale, they have at least one or two prices in mind. One would be what they’d...

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Partner Success - Aaron Gomez, Purchasing Director, Prosale Nation [VIDEO]

In today’s increasingly competitive used car marketplace, experience can make all the difference. One such person...

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Client Testimonial: Danny Zaslavsky, General Manager, Country Hill Motors [VIDEO]

Growing the family business can be a noble cause. For Danny Zaslavsky, General Manager at Country Hill Motors, it's...

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How to Modernize the Trade Evaluation Process to Increase Profits [VIDEO]

The vehicle trade evaluation process at dealerships is one that creates some of the highest levels of anxiety for...

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Word Tracks and Why They Are Critical [VIDEO]

Inbound calls have long been a pain point for dealers, a problem often noted by BDC training and call tracking...

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