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Connecting Dealers with Private Party Sellers

3 Benefits of Effective Follow Up with Private Party Sellers

The idea of follow up in sales might seem like a fundamental concept, and it is. However, there is a difference...

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5 Ways to Address Price Objections from Private Sellers

At VAN we talk to private sellers and dealerships a lot.  The most common objection we hear about from private sellers...

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3 Keys to Success Buying Used Cars from Private Sellers [VIDEO]

Most dealers have been suffering from the auctions for quite a while, eating at their profits. Most dealers want to...

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Why Buying from Private Sellers is a Smart Strategy [VIDEO]

There are nearly 40 million used vehicles sold each year in the USA. Of this, approximately 11 million are transacted...

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Setting Expectations for Private Party Sellers of Used Cars [VIDEO]

When buying used vehicles from private sellers, we can face tense individuals, with high expectations. Knowing this...

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