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Everyone’s Favorite Part of the Auction

Frank finds himself alone at the auction in this last episode of The Auction. His “friends” have deserted him for...

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The Auction Is Flat Out Objectionable

Katie “The Kid” (played by VAN Performance Manager Emily Gehrke) hates the auction for more than one good reason. In...

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‘Old School’ Hank Gets Schooled

‘Katie’ “(aka ‘The Kid’), played by VAN’s Emily Gehrke, gives always-skeptical ‘Hank’ (VAN’s Mark Curcio) a few...

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The Risks of Picking Bruised Fruit

Everyone’s heard of particularly unsavory vehicles being called ‘lemons.’ But, leave it to 'Frank and the Gang' to...

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What Weather System is Blowing into the Auction Today?

Everyone has a system for buying at the auction, at least according to Frank in episode 8 of The Auction, a 12-part...

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The sauce is hard to swallow

“At least we’re not Bob,” chides Frank in this episode of The Auction, played by VAN Co-Founder Bill Anderson....

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Supplement Inventory Gaps with Vehicles from Consumers

Everyone plays.

Whether it’s the game of golf, the game of life...or the auction game, people play games whether...

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Who are you bidding against?

Do you ever find yourself bidding on cars at the auction to avoid returning to the store? And when you do, how often...

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Fooling the ‘fools’ at the auction

“When you come across an overbidder (at the auction) you switch lanes,” explains ‘Frank’ to his protege ‘Katie,’ aka...

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How to revitalize old methods for holding gross in used car sales

No dealer wants to leave their cars, let alone their profits on the lot. Ideally, every car you sell turns over into...

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