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The Parallel Evolution: VAN and West Loop's Transformative Journey

As we celebrate the 11th anniversary of the Vehicle Acquisition Network (VAN), it's fascinating to draw parallels between our journey and that of the West Loop neighborhood in Chicago. Both have undergone remarkable transformations, evolving from their humble beginnings to become beacons of innovation and culture. In this spirit, we're proud to introduce VAN West Loop – an embodiment of this shared evolution.

The Transformation of West Loop

Once an industrial area, the West Loop has blossomed into a vibrant hub for culture and innovation. This transformation mirrors our own journey at VAN, where we started with a vision to revolutionize the auto dealership industry. Like the West Loop, we've evolved, adapting to the changing landscape and emerging as a leader in dealership technology.

Introducing VAN West Loop

VAN West Loop is more than an update; it's a leap forward in our technology suite. Designed based on over a decade of experience and valuable dealer feedback, this platform redefines efficiency and effectiveness in acquiring used inventory for dealerships. Let's delve into the features that mark this evolution:

  • Faster, Unrestricted Listings: Experience a quicker, more comprehensive market view with our enhanced Search Results Page.
  • Sort by Distance: This feature allows dealers to prioritize inventory based on proximity, making acquisition more efficient.
  • Assigned Users for Listings: Enhance team accountability by assigning specific users to manage each opportunity.
  • Plate-to-VIN Decoder: Streamline vehicle identification with this efficient tool, reducing errors and saving time.*
  • Integration with AutoCheck and CARFAX: Access detailed vehicle reports effortlessly, ensuring a more informed acquisition process.
  • Task Types for Different Tiers: Our improved task management system offers precise task assignments to streamline dealership operations.
  • Password-Free Sign-In Embrace enhanced security with our password-free login system.
  • VAN University Learning Center: Equip your team with our extensive range of self-service tech support resources.

Empowering Dealerships

These features collectively empower dealerships with more control, flexibility, and convenience. VAN West Loop is designed to streamline dealership operations, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

The Road Ahead

As the West Loop continues to thrive, so does VAN. We remain committed to innovation, responding to the evolving needs of our customers, and shaping the future of vehicle acquisition. VAN West Loop is not just an update; it's a symbol of our dedication to moving forward together.

We invite you to explore the capabilities of VAN West Loop and join us in this exciting journey of growth and innovation. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to drive the future of vehicle acquisition.

*Plate-to-VIN Decoder is currently only available in the US.