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Finding Your Vehicle Acquisition Champion

Imagine a world where your acquisition process is easy, smooth and efficient for both you and the seller. In the fifth episode of Vehicle Acquisition Council Mark and Tom discuss how having an Acquisition Champion in your dealership can help develop a strategy to ensure all efforts are productive when acquiring street purchases.


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Highlights and Thought Starters:


  • It is crucial to have an acquisition champion in order to develop a strategy for your dealership if you want it to be effective and efficient when acquiring private party vehicle
  •  Someone with a positive attitude goes hand in glove with engaging with sellers because it will help ensure that there are no negative surprises in the future
  • Having an acquisition champion reduces the chance of confusion among team members regarding private party purchases


"There is an old automotive analogy that says "one throat to choke" so you always know who's responsible and who's accountable for private party purchases in the dealership." - Mark Curcio




Guests & Panelists

We are thrilled to have VAN's co-founder Tom Gregg and COO Mark Curcio to discuss the importance for dealerships to find their vehicle acquisition champions. Dave Hudson will be moderating the discussion. Tom and Mark are both highly experienced in this area and are sure to provide invaluable insights. We hope that this discussion will help our audience get a better understanding of the best practices when it comes to documenting your street purchase strategy.


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