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The Acquisition Council - The Insiders Extra with Ed French

The Acquisition Council presents The Insiders Extra with Ed French where our industry experts Tom Gregg and Mark Curcio have an in-depth discussion with dealership consultant Ed Fench remotely. We anticipate this bonus episode being valuable for our dealers and our dealer community.


Have you ever wondered how to improve your street purchase strategy? Tune into the Vehicle Acquisition Council for candid conversations with top industry minds. Join us as we discuss technology, trends and best practices in an ever-changing automotive landscape! Look out for new episodes being released in the new year where we will be back in the studio capturing some new gems to share with our dealers.

Highlights and Thought Starters:

  • Having a consistent marketplace appraisal process in a dealership is one of the key elements of a successful acquisition 
  • Every opportunity for an appraisal within a dealership that dealers capture and put through the process creates a waterfall of gross profit 
  • In order to be successful at acquiring cars from the street, you need ensure you're laser focus on every lead

"It is important to have the right people and processes in place before you implement any technology" - Mark Curcio




Guests & Panelists

We are thrilled to have VAN's co-founder Tom Gregg and COO Mark Curcio along with dealership consultant Ed French discuss the important elements dealerships should implement to be successful.  Tom and Mark are both highly experienced in this area and are sure to provide invaluable insights. We hope that this discussion will help our audience get a better understanding of the best practices when it comes to documenting your street purchase strategy.

The Acquisition Council - Live Streaming Show for Used Car Managers and Buyers

If you're interested in cutting-edge practices in the vehicle acquisition industry, then the Acquisition Council show is for you. This highly engaging webinar brings together the top minds in the field to share their insights, tips, and best practices for streamlining and optimizing vehicle acquisition. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned pro, the Acquisition Council show is sure to have something for you.