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Connecting Dealers with Private Party Sellers

How to Best Optimize 3rd Party Selling Channels


Used cars have always been a staple of the automotive industry, but in recent years dealerships have been turning to...

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How Reliable is Facebook Marketplace for Sourcing Pre-Owned from Private Sellers?

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the record-breaking rise in used car prices appears to have peaked, as...

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Contrasting Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist as Acquisition Sources

Between the explosion of the internet and social media, vehicle acquisition has been turned on its head. Add into the...

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Transparency Drives Trust When Sourcing Used on Facebook Marketplace

Over the last couple of months we have made sourcing used vehicles from consumers on Facebook Marketplace a key focus...

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Sourcing Tip: How to Contact Private Party Sellers on Facebook Marketplace

With demand for used vehicles high and supply so limited, as we discussed in our most recent post titled, Outlook: Q4...

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