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How to Support Your Dealership Staff

The best automotive strategies and tools don’t mean much if you don’t have a solid staff behind them. Supporting your dealership team in professional development and personal satisfaction can increase their motivation to work hard and contribute to your overall success, bringing you positive reviews, growth, and more. 

We chatted recently with some of our expert dealers to learn how they develop their teams to be primed and ready for strategy and success! 


Play to Team Member Strengths 

While many dealers may be inclined to start new employees off in sales, not every new hire will have the right skillset to succeed in that role. Understanding the sales process is important, but team members can learn about the process without actually performing the job. Rather than trying to fit everyone into one box, take the time to consider the different personalities and strengths you have at your disposal and place people where they’re most likely to excel. Employees who are happy and confident in their roles will be more productive and create better customer experiences, which will reflect positively on your dealership!


Be Flexible 

The age of remote work has opened the door to how dealerships can maximize productivity. As recently as two years ago, the idea of having some team members out of office didn’t seem like a feasible solution, but with so many advanced technologies and connectivity tools at our fingertips, it means dealerships can tap into additional talent pools who are ready and willing to work hard from home. In fact, some individuals can be even more productive from home without the distractions of the dealership, so stay flexible and open when it comes to employee schedules. 

Emphasize Training 

Both in-house and outsourced training opportunities bring tremendous value to employee growth. Whether you’re training your employees on how to use tools like VAN or you’re bringing forward ideals and practices from sources like a BDC, every chance to build on your team’s skills will net positive results. Investing in your team not only helps them better serve your customers, but you may uncover hidden talents you can put to use. Look for ways to help your employees grow on a regular basis!