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One dealer discovers a hidden treasure

Toyota of Naperville had never experienced this phenomenon before. 

According to GM Travis Jackson, any dealership is always happy to find a seller willing to accept the dealer’s offered price. But the bonus with VAN is, “when you get someone...and they need a vehicle, too. Those are the best ones (customers).” 

Of the 15 to 25 vehicles-per-month that Jackson's dealership sources from individual private part sellers with the help of VAN, at least three to five of those owners wind up purchasing a car from the dealership, as well, making them newly minted customers.

“With VAN you’re pulling from different markets with people who wouldn’t necessarily know who our dealership is. It’s absolutely a tremendous opportunity,” Jackson said. “We’ve acquired some really cool cars (through VAN) we wouldn’t have ordinarily.” 

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“We have a VIP department that deals solely with VAN acquisitions--a liaison between service and sales,” he explained. Two or three people work under the supervisor. “On a daily basis they’re going through the fresher inventory (on the VAN platform), and reaching out and trying to engage. It’s all about having the correct conversation in the correct way,” Jackson said.

The biggest takeaway from VAN is, “this wasn’t just a lecture or handing someone what their vehicle was worth. It’s a conversation with someone and transparency, which is integral when you’re trying to purchase a vehicle from someone who’s not necessarily interested in acquiring one from you,” he said.

What continues to impress Jackson with VAN, is the availability at all times of VAN’s customer support. “You pick up the phone, you dial them directly.” He said, the company is also not content to stay the same. “VAN is (always) evolving, and not settling for what they have (developed).”

Can you accomplish this on own?

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