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How to Handle Objections from Private Party Vehicle Sellers

Interacting with private party vehicle sellers has its challenges, and when the time comes to make arrangements about meeting to perform the transaction it’s not uncommon to have to respond to one or two new objections. 

Which is why it’s good to hear from those in the field who face these challenges every day.

In a recent conversation with Houston’s ProSale Nation CEO Aaron Gomez, we asked him how he handles objections from people who are hesitant about meeting him to conduct the transaction. We should preempt Aaron’s response by explaining that ProSale Nation is not your ordinary brick and mortar dealership. ProSale is a dealer entity whose agents meet customers at the bank who is facilitating the transaction between Gomez and the customer.

“We hit them with a transparent offer,” Gomez retorts.. 



Gomez goes on to explain, “I think the reason we are successful is the ease of a transaction and transparency.”

“Something we do at ProSale that's different from other dealers is we don't give ranges. We validate the condition of the vehicle and put that nuance to it, ‘if the vehicle is everything that you stated then this is the check.’ We don't say we will give you $9-12k. That's not going to work. Especially for us.” 

“If the customer is expecting $12,000 and we come back offering less because ‘this condition didn’t meet our expectations and we’re going to give you $9k.’ Because at that point the customer can just walk away.” 

“We qualify it all,” says Aaron. 

“It’s still a commitment from the customer to bring their car to meet us at the bank and take time out of their day to fill out the paperwork and get this done. I think the psychology behind it is that nobody wants to waste their time, which is what customers value the most.” 

“They're looking for ease of transaction and to get on their way. That's what makes us successful.”