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Should Dealers Be Worried About Carvana?

Carvana has proven to be an undeniable force in the used car market, and yes, dealers should be worried. This automotive brand has changed public perception about how used cars are bought and sold, meaning your dealership needs to work at being competitive. In this post we share our thoughts on Carvana and offer up a few tips to reclaim your turf. 



Disproving Carvana’s Myth

Carvana has done an excellent job at conveying how easy it is to buy or sell a car online, but as dealers, we know they aren’t doing anything differently from the rest of us. Their process still involves plenty of back and forth, but because they’ve invested so much time and money into promoting the ease of their transactions, they’ve excelled at bringing in buyers who don’t want to be hassled. 


Many consumers may not realize the many reasons why communities need dealerships, and it’s important to boost that message. While it’s vital to push your sales and inventory information, it wouldn’t hurt to also showcase your philanthropic efforts and other local ties. Shopping local is an effort that resonates with many buyers, so there’s no shame in communicating how those dollars are better spent with you rather than a big chain. 

Developing an Acquisition Mindset 

Perhaps the most important way to beat Carvana at their own game is to develop an acquisition mindset. Grab cars before they’re sold to the big brand with these acquisition tips: 


  • Be empathetic: While many sellers are trying to get the best price for their vehicle, keep in mind that their attachment is not just financial but emotional too. People get attached to their cars and even if they want to sell, it can be hard to say goodbye. Approach customers with care and compassion to build rapport and trust. 
  • Follow up: You’ll almost always get a no the first time you make an offer to a private seller because they want to get the most profit possible. Give sellers time to rest with your offer, and when reality sets in on what they can actually get, they may be more willing to work with you. 
  • Use technology: With the right tools, you can acquire private party vehicles before Carvana gets to them. VAN was built by dealers, for dealers to help you bring high quality, in-demand models to your lot. 


Beat Carvana with Vehicle Acquisition Network!

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