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Connecting Dealers with Private Party Sellers

Service-to-Sales Feeds Your Used Car Department

This is Part II of a two-part series on Used Vehicle Acquisition in 2021. For the first part go here.

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3 Reasons to Buy Used Vehicles from Private Sellers [VIDEO]

When you buy used vehicles from private sellers, there are several advantages. On the surface these benefits might...

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Today's Seller is Tomorrow's Buyer - Be an Advocate and Buy More Cars [VIDEO]

When a person is trying to sell his or her car on the private market, talking to a dealer is not at the top of their...

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Is your message achieving its goal? [VIDEO]

The importance of your outbound messaging practices in the Buy Center is crucial. Effective messaging in...

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Vehicle Acquisition: Refined Effort Equals Positive Results

We all know the old motivational cliche “hard work pays off” and we know it's true - but it's only part of the truth....

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What percentage of market value should you be offering to private sellers?

One of the key subjects of acquiring vehicles from private sellers is knowing what to offer for the vehicle at what...

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