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Connecting Dealers with Private Party Sellers

Should Dealers Be Worried About Carvana?

Carvana has proven to be an undeniable force in the used car market, and yes, dealers should be worried. This...

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The Auction Is Flat Out Objectionable

Katie “The Kid” (played by VAN Performance Manager Emily Gehrke) hates the auction for more than one good reason. In...

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Electrification and franchise laws will impact demand for used cars

Despite a constraint on new vehicle supply, due large in part to the microchip shortage, demand for new and used...

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How to revitalize old methods for holding gross in used car sales

No dealer wants to leave their cars, let alone their profits on the lot. Ideally, every car you sell turns over into a...

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Face competition head-on or become obsolete

New and emerging national car dealers masquerading as non-dealers are wrangling customers away from many dealerships....

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Q4 Outlook: Used Wholesale Prices and Acquisition Sources

The used vehicle market continues to thrive in this unprecedented time. Although recent estimates suggest the market is...

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CarMax Customer Experience Centers, Autotrader CPO awards, and NIADA Q1 Survey

CarMax to open more stores and make it easier for consumers to buy cars entirely online

The nation’s largest retailer...

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