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In 12 Months VAN Facilitates 2 Million Communications

The Vehicle Acquisition Network (VAN) increasingly sees broader disruptions for dealerships looking to acquire vehicles for their lots as the traditional method of obtaining vehicles from the auction is starting to dwindle. Looking at the data in the last 12 months, the Vehicle Acquisition Network can support this claim. The platform has facilitated 2 million communications between private party sellers and dealerships looking to acquire vehicles from the street.

"This volume of engagements signifies the value the company brings to the industry by converting more private sellers to shift their vehicles to the dealer ecosystem," said Tom Gregg, CEO of Vehicle Acquisition Network. "Not only do the dealers have more cars to sell, but this supports opportunities for the lot vendors to service, increased repair orders in the service department and more warranties to be offered in finance."

Gregg expressed that the engagements on the platform were only possible with the team's continued focus on behind-the-scenes communication best practices. The Vehicle Acquisition Network team, ensures they follow the regulatory process A2P 10DLC (application to person 10-digit long code).

"Some carriers use this to establish a trust score of the sender to filter potentially unwanted messages to its customers. VAN registers each US phone number for our dealers to ensure optimum message delivery permitting the volume of messages over the past 12 months."

Mark Curcio, Vehicle Acquisition Network's COO recently wrote a blog post about automotive dealer's continued movement away from auctions and adds the following:

"It's incredible to celebrate the two million communications milestone this year, seeing how our dealer partners have utilized the VAN suite of solutions to take their vehicle buying centers to the next level!"

Read Mark's post here -

About VAN: The Vehicle Acquisition Network is a revolutionary tool for dealers looking to acquire privately-owned vehicles from consumers in their market. By finding untapped consumers in the market, VAN provides an affordable alternative for dealers looking at sourcing private party vehicles from sellers directly- without any of the costs associated with traditional methods or auctions.