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Connecting Dealers with Private Party Sellers

Most important aspect to buying vehicles from individuals

The used car market is off to a good start in 2021. TrueCar estimated in its forecast last week that there will be 3.2...

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3 New Tips for Handling Price Objections with Private Sellers [VIDEO]

When a consumer puts their car up for sale, they have at least one or two prices in mind. One would be what they’d...

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The Psychology Behind Appointments

Any business that operates with customer appointments knows that the logistics of booking, confirming, and managing...

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Examining Time-to-Line

One of the most important, yet overlooked, metrics in a used vehicle operation and key to managing the pre-owned...

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Hidden Expenses - A 'Key' Pre-Owned Best Practice

One of the most avoidable hidden expenses in operating a pre-owned department is often overlooked by dealerships - ...

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VIDEO: 3 Tips for Building Your Used Vehicle Acquisition Team

People are the greatest assets in your dealership operations and Buy Centers are no exception to the rule. With ...

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