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Should You Be Aggressive in Private Vehicle Acquisition?

In the rapidly evolving automotive landscape, dealerships are facing unprecedented challenges - again. The chip shortage is lingering, and the recent UAW strike only adds complexity. Amidst these challenges, one strategy has emerged as paramount for dealerships: aggressive private vehicle acquisition.

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1. The Competitive Landscape

The automotive market has transformed into a fierce battleground. With new vehicle availability dwindling, the focus has shifted towards used vehicles. This has led to increased competition, with dealerships, online platforms, and private buyers all vying for the same inventory. In such a scenario, passive acquisition strategies are no longer viable. Dealerships need to be proactive in their approach.

2. Understanding the Seller's Perspective

Today's sellers are inundated with options. Gone are the days when they had limited avenues to offload their vehicles. Now, they're presented with a myriad of offers from various buyers. However, many sellers are novices in the automotive trade. They might not recognize a fair deal immediately and could be holding out for the best possible offer. This means dealerships need to be persistent, making multiple attempts and possibly countering other offers to secure a deal.

3. The Value of Aged Listings

While the allure of new listings is undeniable, there's untapped potential in older listings. Vehicles that have been on the market for a while offer several advantages:

- Lower Prices: Over time, sellers become more eager to finalize a sale. This can result in reduced asking prices, providing dealerships with better deals.
- Increased Negotiability: The longer a vehicle remains unsold, the more receptive a seller becomes to negotiation. This flexibility can be leveraged by dealerships for favorable terms.
- Smoother Transactions: Sellers who've had challenging interactions with potential buyers or have encountered scams are more likely to appreciate the professionalism and reliability of a dealership. This can expedite the acquisition process.

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4. Inventory is King

In the current market dynamics, inventory is the lifeblood of a dealership. With new vehicle supply chains disrupted, the emphasis on used vehicle inventory has never been higher. Ensuring a steady flow of vehicles not only sustains operations but also provides a competitive edge.


The automotive industry is in the midst of significant change. For dealerships, especially those grappling with the effects of the UAW strike, aggressive private vehicle acquisition is not just a strategy; it's a necessity

By understanding the market, empathizing with sellers, and recognizing the value in all listings, dealerships can navigate these challenging times and emerge stronger.