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Customizable and a More Profitable Used Vehicle Acquisition Strategy

When you’re trying to keep your pre-owned lot stocked with high-quality, in-demand vehicles, dealing with auctions can be a costly and time-consuming process. For one, you have to wade through a range of vehicles that don’t meet your needs before finding the right model, in the right year, with the right options. You also risk having your price bid up by competing dealers.

Imagine if you could go straight to the source, acquiring pre-owned vehicles directly from private sellers in your target market?

With the Vehicle Acquisition Network (V.A.N), dealers finally have a tool designed precisely for that purpose. V.A.N. saves you time and money by automatically searching the web for vehicles listed online by private sellers, helping you quickly identify your most sought-after models from independent sellers in your area.

Private party listings are today’s best alternatives to stocking your lot and reducing your expenses. As many dealers already agree, buying used cars from consumers is more profitable compared with auctions and even vehicle trades.

There are multiple examples of dealers maximizing profit potential through used cars. Not just independent dealers but franchise dealers too, often creating satellite stores or buy centers for this purpose alone.

The Vehicle Acquisition Network (V.A.N.) is a used vehicle acquisition tool that aggregates private party listings and allows searching and sorting by most relevant to wholesale values. The system also gives dealers the ability to initiate contact with these sellers via text message which continues to prove to be the most effective means of establishing a dialog.

Here’s what one dealer has to say about his use of the tool…

Reserve Your Market Exclusivity Today

Interested in learning more? Better act fast! VAN is sold with market exclusivity meaning it’s not necessarily available to every dealer in each market. While there are often enough vehicles to go around for multiple dealerships, market supply is limited which means access to those vehicles using the this tool is limited to select dealers, particularly to dealers running a true profit center.

The Vehicle Acquisition Network is not meant for the average dealer, but for those dedicated to making their used car business as profitable as possible, V.A.N. is a tool you’ll want to consider. Find the pre-owned vehicles you want faster than your competitors, and for hundreds less than you would pay at auction.