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3 Keys to Appointment Success with Private Party Sellers [VIDEO]

Buying cars from private party sellers isn't easy. If it were, more dealers would do it. Finding the vehicles you want and reaching out to sellers requires a lot of work. But that work won't pay off if you aren't able to get them in the door. Appointment success with private party sellers requires skill. Fortunately, that ability can be broken down and learned, and mastered.

In our recent article The Psychology Behind Appointments, we laid out the three actions you want the seller to take that leads to appointment success

  1. Agreeing on the appointment
  2. Accepting the calendar invitation
  3. Confirming the appointment

In the article, Mark Curcio - our Director of Learning and Development, provides details and insight on each. He also explains the difference between sellers' intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.

To put these ideas to the test, we welcome Moncton Honda BDC Manager Chantal Grosse to join us on our monthly VAN University Best Practices and Training Webinar.

Appoint Success with Private Party Sellers

Moncton Honda, which is located in New Brunswick, Canada, moves on average about 100 used vehicles a month. Buying from consumers is a big part of their strategy, and Ms. Grosse is the first person they talk with about selling their vehicle. Grosse knows a thing or two about appointment success with private party sellers.

One strategy she applies is booking same-day and next-day appointments. Doing this "helps avoid no-shows and scheduling conflicts," she says.

Another tip Ms. Grosse suggests is to assume the appointment as opposed to asking for it. "Don't give them too many choices," she says. "Assume the appointment, don't ask for it."

Video Preview