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The Profit Potential in Private Vehicle Acquisition

In the third episode of Vehicle Acquisition Council for 2022, Tom and Mark discuss the profit potential of private vehicle acquisition. Mark and Tom put forth the idea that although the shortages of new cars are our current reality, the profit margins for dealers selling new and used vehicles have increased significantly. They also express that although many dealers are finding it harder to purchase vehicles from consumers, dealers must be willing to engage and follow up and stick with the seller in order to be successful. Once the vehicles are acquired, it is much easier for dealers to sell. 

If you're looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to vehicle acquisition, be sure to tune into the Vehicle Acquisition Council once a month. We bring together top industry minds for candid conversations about how technology, trends and best practices are changing the automotive landscape. This is essential listening for anyone involved in vehicle acquisition, whether you're sourcing from private sellers, dealerships or other channels. By keeping up with the latest developments, you'll be able to make informed decisions about your vehicle acquisition strategy and ensure that you're getting the best possible value for your money. Watch the video below, your dealership will reap the benefits.



Highlights and Thought Starters:


  • If you want your dealership's acquisition process to be successful, it is important that they have a formal follow-up plan in place. This includes making multiple contacts and maintaining communication with sellers.
  • Despite the current shortages in the industry, dealers are seeing more profit than ever before. There are currently more dealers than ever before with an increased sense of profitability. The most successful ones know that it is important not to give up after making your first offer.
  • An acquisition champion within your dealership is crucial for developing a strategy that will help you acquire more private party vehicles.


"You often have to engage, follow up and stick with the seller in order to get to that point that they're willing to transact with you." -Tom Gregg




Guests & Panelists

We are thrilled to have VAN's co-founder Tom Gregg and COO Mark Curcio to the profit potential in private vehicle acquisition. Dave Hudson will be moderating the discussion. Tom and Mark are both highly experienced in this area and are sure to provide invaluable insights. We hope that this discussion will help our audience and dealers get a better understanding of some of the profit potential in private vehicle acquisition.


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