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VIDEO: 3 Tips for Building Your Used Vehicle Acquisition Team

People are the greatest assets in your dealership operations and Buy Centers are no exception to the rule. With personnel turnover rates exceeding 35-40% in the automotive industry as a whole, it’s imperative to identify the right candidates for your buy centers, and then train, pay, and set objectives to retain them over the long term.

In this video, the following points are highlighted in this preview of the original webinar which aired in September 2017 where Vehicle Acquisition Network Founder Tom Gregg and Del Grande Dealer Group Used Vehicle Director David Long discussed what it takes to build and manage your used vehicle acquisition team.

  • Identifying the "right fit" for your acquisition team
  • What should be expected from a "newbie" in a buy center
  • What goals and expectations should be set for team members

Get theFull Webinar

Interested in viewing the complete webinar? Follow this link and enter your information to receive immediate access to the entire video conversation, edited down to 17 minutes.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and when it comes to building a profitable buy center at your dealership, those links are your people and your processes. Outfitting your buy center with skilled team members is a difficult and essential ongoing effort for all managers and directors.

Having the proper structure in place to support your buy center employee’s success and keep them engaged should be at the top of every managers mind. Developing a routine of meeting with buy center employees and giving them a voice in the evolution of the processes and procedures will improve your employee engagement and increase the efficiency of your operation. Providing the employees with clearly defined goals and a potential career path will keep them motivated and driven.

About David Long [LinkedIn]
David is the Used Vehicle Director at Del Grande Dealer Group (DGDG) and Co-Creator of the DGDG Buy Center. Recognized as an industry leader who possesses the ability to motivate, inspire, lead and train at every level, David is analyzes and formulates innovative and cost-effective solutions that enhance competitiveness, increase market share, and improve guest and associate experience. Widely known for his dynamic and inspirational leadership style. Using experience-based judgment, a strong work ethic, and irreproachable integrity, David shines in any environment.