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Auction vs. Street Vehicles: Why Not Both?


You could say retail prices are on the rise, but only at a snail’s pace. Which is to be expected considering that used car prices are up practically 25-30% compared with this time last year. A more suitable assessment would be that they are holding steady. 

But for how long?

There is a sense that used car retail prices are about to head south. Which would put most dealers in a precarious position. But by some estimates and forecasts, retail prices won’t rise or fall significantly until around spring-time. 

Either way, how long is it appropriate to wait for those bronze vehicles, you know, the ones with a lower investment grade, to find buyers, even though you won’t make much on them? Not on the front-end at least. Do you move them now before you lose more gross? Or hold out and speculate? 

And then there’s the need for fresh inventory. Wholesale prices are still rising faster than retail, so that curious wrinkle is still wrinkling, causing some dealers to be on a buying freeze. The auction is likely where most of your "bronze" vehicles came from. And from trades.

Buying cars off the street is a great way to source more unique units for retail. But this is a challenge for the majority of dealers. It requires the right information, good dealership software, and properly trained people and processes.  

Which is where we pick up on this episode of The Acquisition Council where we keep a pulse on the used car business and explore ways to source inventory profitably and efficiently.


The Acquisition Council

Airs Live on Tuesday November 16th at 11am Central (US & Canada)

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About the Guests

As Director of Strategic Business Development at ACV Auctions, Stu Zalud brings over four decades of experience, including over 30 as an auto mobile dealership owner. His goal is and will always be helping others and helping the industry adapt to change and do it in a positive profitable way. "There is no I in team," he says. 

As Internet Director for Cutter Automotive, John Woodman brings over a decade of auto retail experience, presently representing 13 stores for his dealer group in Hawaii. 

Mary Wade is a Performance Manager at VANN, enabling dealerships with process, technology & training. She has a passion for developing and maintaining strong client relationships. 

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