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One dealer discovers a hidden treasure

Toyota of Naperville had never experienced this phenomenon before. 

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What’s wrong with acquiring cars from the auction? Conversation with GSM Suha Oner

Some dealers swear by buying cars at the auction. But for others, like GSM Suha Oner, the auction costs him too much...

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What is Friction Free Process?

We’ve seen many disruptions to the automotive landscape over the past three years. And as it historically does,...

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Buying Cars from Customers

While it’s no secret that the used vehicle market is continuing to become a primary driver of profitability for...

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Preview of New Inventory Search and Filter Features on VAN 2.0 [VIDEO]

When Vehicle Acquisition Network was first introduced in 2014, the original platform was designed primarily around...

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Importance of an Accurate and Effective Appraisal Process

With Pre-Owned departments largely determining the net profitability of a dealership in today’s challenging...

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The Power of Follow Up

When a private seller is initially contacted by a dealership about their vehicle listing, they are naturally...

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3 New Tips for Handling Price Objections with Private Sellers [VIDEO]

When a consumer puts their car up for sale, they have at least one or two prices in mind. One would be what they’d...

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The Psychology Behind Appointments

Any business that operates with customer appointments knows that the logistics of booking, confirming, and...

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